Alternative Options for UPS, FedEx, and DHL Explained

It is frustrating to realize that you are spending way too much on shipping and having no idea how to fix it. What alternative options to UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx do you have?  Finding the ideal shipping option for your company can be a tricky task. Should you send your shipments using DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS? Do you think you could use a variety of carriers? Maybe a multi-carrier shipping solution?  Additionally, you might even look for other shipping alternatives based on your requirements and country of shipping. There are numerous international shipping carriers, and you can select which ones best meet your company’s requirements. This article will provide an overview of the main shipping carrier alternatives for major countries.



FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL are among the world’s top shipping and logistics corporations, with global operations. They are the most well-known shipping carriers in the United States. However, owing to service issues or client requests, you may choose to utilize a different carrier at times. There are a variety of different alternative options available in these instances.


GreyhoundGreyhound, a passenger bus company, also has a separate business entity named Greyhound PackageXpress that provides domestic shipping services. Individuals, enterprises, and corporations can all benefit from the services provided by Greyhound Package Express. Their shipping services are especially helpful for students, military personnel, and veterans, as well as anyone else who wants to get goods from one location to another. They specialize in providing shipping solutions that are timely, economical, and easy. Greyhound Package Express can deliver your package at any time of day, throughout the year, due to their frequent daily departures.

LaserShip Another local last-mile delivery provider, LaserShip, operates in the Eastern and Midwest US.  If you don’t want to ship with UPS, USPS, FedEx, or DHL, LaserShip can be a wonderful alternative. The company has more than three decades of last-mile delivery experience and a reputation for giving critical support via shipping services and operations.


There are a surprising amount of alternatives for shipping to and from Canada. Let’s have a look at some of the options.


Canada PostCanada Post is a crown corporation with the purpose to provide postal service to all Canadians. It ships to every address in the country. A Canada Post postal service or mailbox will be within easy reach no matter where you live. Shipping worldwide or to the United States can be costly with Canada Post, so if that’s your goal marketplace, you may want to search for other alternatives.

PurolatorPurolator is a courier firm based in Canada that is owned by Canada Post. The fact that they can guarantee delivery by a specified date is their biggest benefit. If you are delivering to Canada or the United States and delivery time is critical, this is the best choice to go for.

AsendiaAsendia is a shipping service provided by the French postal service La Poste and the Swiss postal service. It was established in 2012 and already ships to more than 200 countries. It makes use of both delivery networks to offer low-cost international shipping. Asendia specializes as an international shipping company with extensive experience. It handles all customs and duty procedures for you, making delivery more convenient. It also works with eCommerce clients, which can help you optimize your operations even more. If you need to ship to overseas customers, Asendia is an excellent choice.


A shipping service provider in Australia can help you optimize a lot of your shipping operations if your company is headquartered in Australia.


DTDCDTDC is a Sydney-based door-to-door shipping service that is part of the broader DTDC network. DTDC offers businesses all around the world extensive eCommerce solutions. It serves its consumers through a network of more than thirty thousand offices across the world. For seamless shipment pickup and delivery, DTDC can link directly with your warehouse operations. It can also be integrated with eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and eBay, among others.

Australia PostAustralia Post is the country’s national mail service. The company’s headquarters are in Melbourne. Small, medium and big packages are delivered quickly and effectively. AusPost is also effective in meeting the shipping needs of eCommerce businesses. Online shoppers can use their website to track their purchases and calculate shipping costs. Postage can be purchased directly from Australia Post’s website. It is also equipped to take care of returns.

StarTrackWhen it comes to fast, efficient, and cost-effective delivery, StarTrack is the best choice for eCommerce firms in Australia. StarTrack primarily serves the business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-to-business (B2C) markets. StarTrack also delivers within 1 to 4 hours to specific locations and territories. It also provides real-time order tracking and automatically delivers order progress alerts to buyers via text and email. Furthermore, upon order completion, StarTrack Courier sends Proof of Delivery.


HermesOtto GmbH, a German retail corporation, owns the Hamburg-based parcel delivery company, which was formed in 1972. Consistently delivering more than 95% of packages within 24 hours, Hermes is famous for its quick deliveries and shipment tracking systems. The only drawback is that they deliver specifically within Europe and the UK. It is not the best delivery option for huge international e-commerce enterprises. It can be quite beneficial to smaller eCommerce businesses.

DPDDPD Germany, headquartered in Aschaffenburg, is a subsidiary of the worldwide DPD group, which operates under the administration of La Poste, France’s most well-known logistics company. In addition, the organization is one of the leading parcel delivery providers in France. DPD is your parcel delivery partner both within Germany and overseas. With 7,500 parcel stores, DPD always has a promising solution for both local and international shipping, whether your packages are huge or small, delivered individually or for commercial purposes. They also offer precise real-time shipping tracking, which is a major benefit.


Royal Mail Royal Mail is perhaps the most inseparably linked to everyday life in the United Kingdom. It distributes to 29 million addresses across the United Kingdom six days a week as the official mail service. It also provides a comprehensive range of domestic and international shipping services to commercial customers. Furthermore, Royal Mail has lately begun delivering professional eCommerce business support services to assist businesses in expanding their operations both within the UK and internationally. In comparison to other carriers, Royal Mail provides quick delivery at a moderate cost. The company is extremely popular and trustworthy due to its renowned brand awareness, vast network, and local expertise. It also provides excellent pick-up and drop-off services.

HermesDespite the fact that its parent business is based in Germany, Hermes currently claims to be the UK’s leading courier in terms of volume, transporting 245 million packages every year. Business account holders get a discount on Hermes shipping. Its shipping costs are quite competitive, equivalent to those of Royal Mail. In the United Kingdom, Hermes already services a series of successful businesses making it a great option while shipping to and from the United Kingdom.


TNTTNT Courier, headquartered in Liege, Belgium, is a well-known international courier. TNT was purchased by FedEx in 2015, yet it continues to operate independently. The corporation began in Australia in 1946, although it eventually relocated to Europe. It now has operations in 61 countries, including Mainland China and the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. The company’s head office in China, which opened in 2004, is in Shanghai. Furthermore, it maintains 37 regional offices throughout China. With quick deliveries and economical prices, it is one of the best shipping alternatives in China.

China Post China Post is the country’s government-owned courier service. It was established in 1949 as China’s national postal service. The company’s headquarters are located in Beijing. It is the country’s largest China-based courier service, employing approximately 1 million people. It provides worldwide shipping and air shipping services in addition to domestic services to all urban centers in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. It operates about 82,000 branches and post offices, as well as several courier planes.


DTDC DTDC has evolved into a significant player in the worldwide courier industry. It is known to have the greatest service and the most affordable prices. They have a worldwide presence spanning 240+ countries and have worked with a number of global logistics partners to ensure that their clients receive their orders on time. For international shipments, they now offer express and freight services. On overseas orders, you also have the option to collect COD.

AramexAramex, one of the leading international couriers, offers specialized international shipping services to both new and existing eCommerce companies. They have offices all around the world and serve over 220 countries for shipment. Their export rapid shipping is an excellent choice for merchants that require expedited delivery. With low shipping costs and excellent services, they give tough competition to the existing shipping giants.

Delhivery Delhivery, a well-known brand in India, also provides eCommerce shipping services to worldwide customers. For order fulfillment, they also provide express shipping, consolidation centers, and various transit options such as sea and air. The goal of Delhivery is to develop a commerce-oriented operating system. Over 21000 customers, including large and small e-commerce players, as well as other top organizations and brands, use their express delivery services.

We hope that this list of FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL alternative options has assisted you in discovering your required shipping service provider. In case you want to compare shipping rates between UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL, the ReachShip Shipping Calculator gives you a complete comparison of shipping rates and services from all the available shipping carriers on a single page along with estimated delivery dates. If you have any questions about the shipping alternatives discussed in this article, please leave them in the comments section below.


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