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How to Calculate the Cheapest International Shipping in 2023?

International shipping is sometimes not as smooth as domestic shipping due to many factors like rules and regulations regarding import and export in different countries, the weight of the packages, restrictions of specific products, and so on. In the case of shipping rates, international shipping will be high compared to domestic, considering the distance between countries, cost of flight or ship, special duties, and tax based on certain countries, etc.


Merchants mainly depend upon shipping calculator tools to calculate the shipping costs of different shipping carrier services, which will make their task easier.


There are many international shipping services provided by popular shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. The rate will vary depending on the distance, weight of the products, delivery days, and so on. If you need to deliver the products quickly, you need to choose a service, which will be a bit expensive compared to other delayed options. So, there are many aspects you need to consider while calculating the shipping cost.


In this write-up let us discuss some of the cheapest international shipping services of popular shipping carriers – FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL, and how you can calculate the shipping cost based on the sender and receiver’s location and weight and dimensions of your packages using a robust shipping calculator tool.


Cheapest International Shipping Services

If you surf on the internet to know the cheapest international shipping rates, you would probably stumble upon USPS (United States Postal Service) since they offer comparatively cheaper and affordable cost for shipping products across the US as well as to other countries. But, if you go through other shipping carriers, you will get to know that they are definitely providing a number of reasonable international shipping services. So, let us check the cheapest international shipping services of these shipping carriers in this article.


Cheapest international shipping services of USPS

As we have already discussed, USPS provides the cheapest international shipping services compared to other popular carriers. Not all time, but you may need to compromise on certain premium features while choosing those services. 

One of the main pitfalls you would find in USPS international shipping could be the false tracking update.


Sometimes, they do not update the exact tracking information which creates an inconsistency in the delivery action and the tracking information they provide on the website. Also, sometimes you might not get your products delivered on time as expected. 


But, USPS is cheaper by around 50% compared to other services like FedEx and UPS. So, if you need to ship your products internationally which are not urgent, you can definitely depend on USPS as they are one of the cheapest international shipping solutions you will find!


Check some cheapest shipping services of USPS:


Delivery days


Priority Mail Express International
3 – 5
Priority Mail International
6 – 10 
Global Express Guaranteed
1 – 3 
First-Class Mail International
7 – 21
Letters and postcards – $1.20 onwards
Large Envelopes (Flats) – $2.40 onwards
First-Class Package International Service
6 – 20
Airmail M-Bags
2 – 9 


All these delivery days may vary, and the cost will change as per the countries and weight and dimensions of the packages.


Cheapest international shipping services of UPS

UPS (United Parcel Service) may not be a great choice for domestic shipping due to the absence of some premium features, but when it comes to international shipping it is the right choice if you consider the features as well as its reasonable rates!

One of the main reasons you can go for UPS for overseas shipping is its wide coverage all over the world. It has a broad office network that helps to ship items internationally at affordable rates and minimum delivery days.


Check out some of the cheapest shipping services of UPS:


Delivery days

UPS Worldwide Express
1 – 3
UPS Next Day Air
Next day
UPS Express Critical International
Same day
1 – 2
UPS Standard
1 – 2
UPS 2nd Day Air
Within 2 days
UPS 3-Day Freight
Within 3 days

The cost of these services will vary as per the country to which you are shipping and the weight and dimensions of your packages. But, these are some of the affordable shipping services you can find in UPS.


Cheapest international shipping services of FedEx

Compared to other carriers, you would see the highest shipping costs in FedEx when it comes to international shipping. But it is worth choosing when we consider its quality of service and reliability. Also, its accurate tracking information allows you to track your packages as and when required.


Check some cheapest shipping services of FedEx:


Delivery days

FedEx International First
1 – 3
FedEx International Economy
2 – 5
FedEx Freight Economy
3 – 6
FedEx International Priority Freight
1 – 3
FedEx International Ground
2 – 7

These are a few affordable international services of FedEx. The rates will be different based on the country you choose and the weight and dimensions of your packages. 


Cheapest international shipping services of DHL

DHL provides a handful of international shipping services at affordable rates. Many customers choose DHL shipping services for overseas shipping as they always ensure all shipments are legally authorized.


Check some international shipping services of DHL for eCommerce sellers are:


Delivery days

DHL Paket International
6 – 12 
DHL Packet Plus International
6 – 12
DHL Parcel International Direct
4 – 9

These are some international shipping options that are suitable and affordable for eCommerce store owners. The rate will vary depending on the countries and the weight and dimensions of packages.


A Shipping Calculator to Calculate the Cheapest International Shipping Rate

A shipping calculator makes your job easier to find the most feasible shipping option by taking various parameters from your side. ReachShip shipping calculator is one of the robust shipping calculator tools in the industry. Currently, it helps you to calculate the domestic and international shipping services of DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx.


You are only required to enter the source and destination details, and the weight and dimensions of the packages to get the shipping rates and delivery days.


Check an example of calculating the cheapest shipping rate from San Francisco, US to Ottawa, Canada.


Step 1: Enter the source and destination locations, and choose required shipping carriers

ReachShip shipping calculator | enter basic details

After entering the details, click NEXT.


Step 2 : Generate package(s)

You can generate multiple packages by entering their weight and dimensions. Also, choose the right dimension and weight units.

ReachShip shipping calculator | generating packages

After entering the details, submit the details.


Step 3: Check the lowest shipping rate from San Francisco to Ottawa

ReachShip Shipping Calculator | Cheapest shipping rate

After getting the list of available services, you can use the ‘Price Low to High’ option in the Sort option to get the costs listed in ascending order.


Here, the cheapest service to send a package in 1 kg, with 1 * 1 *1 dimension is USPS Priority Mail International.


Well, that is it!


Wrap Up

Choosing the cheapest international shipping service is not a tedious process if you get help from a shipping calculator tool. Find the cheapest domestic and international shipping cost and delivery days with the ReachShip shipping calculator by following the above mentioned steps.

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