How to Make an Accurate Shipping Estimate? Calculate Shipping Costs and Compare


To remain ahead of the competition, you must ensure that you provide the best available shipping alternatives to your customers and that the shipping estimate is appropriately calculated and compared. Providing a fantastic post-purchase experience for your consumers with accurate, secure, and quick shipment is crucial. By clearly specifying shipping costs upfront and presenting accurate estimated delivery dates, you may effectively manage client expectations. However, this is only achievable if you thoroughly assess your shipping operations. We’ll go over the basic information you’ll need to get a shipping cost estimate, as well as any additional options or specifications that may influence the cost of your shipping. We’ll also demonstrate how to calculate shipping costs with a few simple tools in minutes.


How to calculate shipping costs?


For a variety of different reasons, an eCommerce business needs to be aware of how much shipping charges will be on each sale as it will have an immediate effect on your earnings. You simply wouldn’t be able to get a stronghold on your revenues if you do not know how much you’re spending for shipping to a consumer. The shipping charges will most likely differ depending on the size and volume of the shipment and the kind of products being sent. Whatever you do, you must ensure that the customer receives accurate shipping and estimated delivery date information on the cart and checkout pages. It could damage your company’s reputation if buyers discover that they were quoted one price and billed another. Here are some factors that can determine how much your eCommerce store’s delivery costs.


Origin and destination locations of the shipment


The distance traveled by a shipment from its point of origin to its shipping destination is the most significant factor in determining the price. Shipping zones are used by couriers to determine how far a shipment travels from its origin to its final delivery location.


Package Weight


The greater the weight of the shipment, the greater the cost of shipping. But there’s also dimensional weight to consider. This becomes more challenging as the size and volume of the package used to ship the items are taken into account. Dimensional weight is derived by multiplying the package’s length, breadth, and height by a standard dimensional divisor. Shipping carriers such as USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS determine shipping rates based on the higher of the package’s real weight or its dimensional weight. The higher of the two becomes the chargeable weight for which will be considered.


Timelines for Delivery


A package or shipment’s delivery time refers to how quickly it will arrive at its destination. The majority of shipping carriers provide a diverse variety of services. Depending on the distance the product is traveling, this can range from overnight to over a month, with price ranges ranging from low to high. It will cost substantially more to have a shipment sent overnight or in two days than it will have a package delivered in a week. You will need to know how quickly you want your products delivered before you begin to calculate shipping rates. As a result, you must determine what type of shipping you will provide to your customers. Faster shipment will result in higher shipping costs.


Insurance for shipments


Insurance is another significant cost component in shipping. While shipping delicate and expensive products shipping insurance can really help in the case of any damage caused during shipping. Senders can be reimbursed if their packages are misplaced, stolen, or damaged while in transit. When calculating shipping costs, this is a crucial issue to consider as shipping insurance can get very expensive.


Shipping cost calculators from the four main shipping giants


Using a calculator to figure out how to calculate shipping charges is the quickest and most efficient method. Each of the four major carriers, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL, have their own shipping calculator that allows you to acquire an estimate for their varied services.



USPS Shipping Calulator


The USPS shipping calculator is an easy-to-use web tool for calculating shipping costs. Only the specifics of your shipment, such as volume, dimensions, origin, and destination, are necessary. This shipping calculator does away with uncertainty and allows for price comparisons with various shipping carriers.



UPS Shipping Calculator


The “Calculate Time and Cost” program is another name for the UPS shipping rate calculator. It assists you in precisely calculating the cost of shipping by asking you for key information about your delivery and in selecting the shipping service that is appropriate for you.



FedEx Shipping Calculator


To calculate how much your shipment will cost, use the online FedEx shipping calculator and enter the basic shipment details for your package. You can calculate an almost exact delivery cost if you have this information.



DHL Shipping Calculator


The specifications of the package, the company’s standard cost, and the speed of service are all factors that go into determining how much DHL shipping costs. You may quickly determine international shipping prices by entering your product information, address details, and pickup details into DHL’s shop online page.


Best way to Calculate and Compare the Shipping Estimate

Shipping Estimate | ReachShip


Even though the shipping calculators offered by individual shipping carriers are efficient, you will reach a point in your business where calculating and comparing the shipping estimate by visiting four separate websites will start looking like the loss of valuable time and energy. This is when you should consider moving on to a complete shipping solution like ReachShip. ReachShip is a SaaS-based platform that helps you calculate and compare shipping rates from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL on one single page. And not just that, you can also create shipments, purchase postage, print shipping labels, and track shipments, all from one platform.


Wrapping up


You can use a variety of ways to calculate shipping costs and maintain them competitive, as demonstrated above. Doing so will significantly increase your sales figures as well as the reputation of your organization. You will be successful in creating trust with your buyers if you are upfront with your shipping rates and inform them of every available option you have on hand. This will only benefit your business in the foreseeable future. When it comes to comparing the shipping estimate, an all-inclusive shipping solution like ReachShip will undoubtedly save you time and money.


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