How to Calculate FedEx Shipping Cost for India?

Customers who do not receive what they are looking for, whether it’s a product or information, frequently abandon their carts. As a store owner, you need to be aware of the different reasons why your customers might do so.  Is there anything you can do to improve your services? Is it your payment method, your shipping or post-sales services, or is it something else?


According to research, after adding a product to the Cart, shoppers generally search for a preferred FedEx shipping option.  So, all of your hard work in getting them to this point comes down to a simple “yes” or “no” response. Customers will not stay long if the FedEx Shipping estimate is too expensive or the delivery time is too long. One of the biggest mistakes eCommerce store owners can make is not showing the shipping costs until the very end of the transaction, when the customer is checking out.


Shipping Options: Comparison


It would be easier for you to come up with eCommerce shipping rate structures that fit your clients’ expectations as well as your budget if you understand shipping expenses. The three most typical shipping prices in the eCommerce business are listed below:



Shipping Calculation

This pricing structure, also known as Variable Shipping, is the most frequent of the three because it involves charging fees based on a variety of variables similar to how shipping prices are determined. Dimensional weight, order quantity, and shipping zone are only a few of the variables. This means that the delivery rate fluctuates based on a variety of factors. This method is also the most beneficial for eCommerce businesses as you do not lose out on profits due to overcharging and undercharging.



Flat Rate Shipping

Customers are charged a defined amount based on category ranges when they use a flat rate or fixed shipping. Depending on the weight or worth of the product, you’ll need to classify similar items (into categories or classes) that have their fixed rates.


Free Shipping

This has been a selling feature for online businesses for a long time to reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve conversion. But it is a large financial undertaking in the long run as you will be eating into your overall profit margin.


Factors Affecting Shipping Costs

Dimensions of the Package

In the world of eCommerce shipping, package dimensions are also known as Dimensional Weight. A product’s final shipping costs are determined by its size and dimensions, which is known as dimensional weight.


Package Dimension

It’s important to consider the package’s weight as well as its dimensions when determining shipping costs. In other words, this is the product’s net weight. Shipment costs are calculated based on package weight rather than dimensional weight if the package weight is more than the dimensional weight.


Speed of Delivery

When it comes to eCommerce delivery times, Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping has become the industry standard. Same-day or overnight deliveries are now possible for eCommerce businesses that are targeting a nationwide audience. Though it’s true that quicker transit times are more expensive, you’ll be happy to know that customers will pay extra for it.


Origin and Destination

When calculating shipping costs, shipping zones, or how distant an item’s point of origin is from its destination, are taken into account. Shipping costs go up as expected as distance increases.


Duties and taxes

You must also consider country-specific taxes, especially for cross-border shipment, in addition to shipping zones. Import levies and commodity-specific tariffs are common examples.


Insurance for shipments

Shipping insurance is an additional cost to consider. If you want to assure your consumers that their orders will arrive safe and sound, using a courier service that includes this might be an excellent selling point. The majority of shipping companies provide shipment insurance as part of their services. While this is not free, as an online retailer you can provide it as an option to your clients with additional fees.


About FedEx

FedEx Shipping


Fast, efficient, and time-definite shipping to more than 220 countries and territories is provided by FedEx Express, which connects markets that account for more than 90 percent of the world within one to three working days. Because of its superior air route authorities and transportation systems, as well as cutting-edge information technologies, FedEx Express is the world’s leading express shipping company, delivering fast and dependable services for more than 3.6 million products each business day. As a result, FedEx is an excellent choice for shipping.


What is FedEx Shipping Cost?

What is FedEx Shipping Cost?

As the name suggests, these are simply the carrier-calculated shipping costs for transporting the products. The shipping cost varies from one carrier to another because they all use various methods for calculating the cost.


Shipping to both domestic and international destinations is available from a variety of shipping carriers.  The cost of shipping is calculated by carriers like FedEx, UPS, and USPS based on the destination and origin addresses of the shipment as well as its weight and dimensions.


The best way to determine shipping prices is to use shipping rates straight from your preferred shipping providers. Doing so will assist you in determining the cost of shipping and how much it costs your business. As a result, you may rest assured that you will not overcharge or undercharge your customers. The use of real-time carrier-determined shipping prices assists stores in finding a shipping cost balance.


FedEx shipping calculator 

FedEx shipping calculator


FedEx provides you with its shipping calculator. You can use the FedEx Shipping Calculator to calculate shipping costs depending on information like the shipment’s origin, destination, date, packaging, and weight. A wide range of services is available, with quick and reliable deliveries to over 220 countries and territories.


Step 1. Enter the to and from addressesEnter the to and from addresses


Step 2. Enter the number of packages, weight per package, and dimensions per package

Enter the number of packages, weight per package, and dimensions per package

Step 3. Enter the date of shipping


Click the ‘Show rates’ button


Enter the date of shipping

In three simple steps, the various FedEx shipping options will be displayed.This is how you can calculate FedEx Shipping cost for India using the FedEx Shipping Calculator.



ReachShip: The best way to calculate FedEx Shipping cost for India

ReachShip: The best way to calculate FedEx Shipping cost for India

When it comes to shipping costs, printing shipping labels, and tracking links, ReachShip is a powerful tool. It assists you in selecting the best shipping option for your business and shipments. After entering the product and shipment information, you can choose the best shipping option for you by comparing all available rates from various services that FedEx provides. 


The capabilities in ReachShip allow you to optimize your shipments. You may rest assured that it will keep an eye on everything, from confirming the accuracy of entered addresses through exact validation to delivering the shipment to its destination address.


For your convenience, Reach Ship provides you with a comprehensive comparison of all shipping services, including taxes, so you can choose the most feasible option. And it gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of packaging options and print shipping labels.  And it will also keep you informed with the most recent tracking details and links.


Go to the ReachShip shipping calculator page to find out how much it will cost to ship your product.  Calculating shipping costs may be broken down into three simple steps.


Step 1: Enter the origin and destination addresses for the products.


To make their services available, you can select the required shipping carriers. Since we are calculating shipping costs for FedEx, select ‘FedEx’ in the shipping carriers box.


Step 2 – Enter Package Details such as their dimensions and weight with units


Step 3: Based on the information you’ve provided, this tab will display all available shipping services and their rates.


This is how you can calculate FedEx Shipping costs for India using ReachShip. If you have any questions regarding the FedEx Shipping Calculator or Reachship, do let us know in the comments section below.

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