How to Schedule a FedEx Express Pickup?

In today’s fast-paced world, shipping packages has become a routine task for many people, whether for personal or business reasons. FedEx is one of the leading shipping companies that provides reliable and efficient delivery services to customers around the globe.

However, dropping off a package at a FedEx location may not always be convenient or practical. This is where scheduling a FedEx Express pickup comes in handy.

By scheduling a pickup, you can have a FedEx courier come to your location and collect your package at a designated time, saving you time and hassle.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of scheduling a FedEx Express pickup, and provide you with tips to ensure a successful pickup experience.

So, whether you are a small business owner or an individual looking to send a package, read on to learn how to schedule a FedEx Express pickup with ease.

What is FedEx Express?

What is FedEx Express?

FedEx Express is a shipping service offered by FedEx, that provides fast and reliable delivery of packages and documents to over 220 countries and territories worldwide. It is often also referred to as FedEx Express Saver, as it provides expedited shipping at affordable rates.

Express shipping, whether local or international, is a quick option for getting urgent packages delivered on time. Everything from a single letter or parcel to a whole cargo of boxes can be sent with FedEx Express.

FedEx Express promises expedited shipping within 2–4 business days, Monday–Friday. Deliveries to commercial addresses are made by 4:30 pm, while those to residences are made by 8 pm.

Each package can have a maximum weight of 150 pounds and a maximum combined length, breadth, and height of 119 inches or 165.5 inches.

It is the flagship service of the FedEx Corporation and is known for its speedy delivery times and exceptional customer service. 

With FedEx Express, customers can choose from a variety of delivery options to meet their specific needs, such as choosing a delivery time, delivery to a specific location, or even having their package held at a FedEx location for pickup.

Express shipping is a good option for businesses since customers who expect fast arrival are more likely to buy and remain loyal to the company. Additionally, it is beneficial for international shipments in cases where the use of ground transportation is not a feasible alternative.

Express shipping costs differ depending on the type of product being shipped, its destination, and other considerations. You can check the exact shipping cost using the FedEx Shipping Calculator.

FedEx Express also provides customers with real-time tracking and shipment visibility, allowing them to monitor their package’s progress from pickup to delivery. 

Why Is It Important To Schedule a Pickup Instead of Dropping Off a Package?

Why Is It Important To Schedule a Pickup Instead of Dropping Off a Package?

Scheduling a pickup for a package has several advantages over simply dropping it off. Here are some reasons why it’s important to schedule a pickup:

  • Convenience for Businesses and Individuals: Scheduling a pickup is more convenient for the sender, as they do not need to physically go to the courier service center or post office to drop off the package. This is especially beneficial for individuals or businesses that are sending out multiple packages or have a busy schedule.
  • Time-saving: By scheduling a pickup, the sender can save time that would otherwise be spent in traffic or waiting in line at the post office or courier service center.
  • Secure: Scheduling a pickup can be more secure than dropping off a package, as the sender can ensure that the package is picked up directly from their location and not left unattended.
  • Timeliness: A scheduled pickup can help ensure that the package is picked up in a timely manner and that the delivery timeline is not delayed due to any potential issues with dropping off the package. It also ensures that your package reaches its destination in a timely manner if it is time sensitive, which is the case for most express deliveries. 

Types of FedEx Pickup Services

There are two types of FedEx Pickup services you can choose from based on your requirements:

One-time Pickup

With the help of One-time Pickup, you may have a single package picked up quickly and easily. Users that choose this method typically don’t have a high volume of shipments occurring frequently.

This service is often used by people who just want to ship a personal package but do not want to drop it off in person. Whether you’re shipping by FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, or FedEx Express Freight, you may set up a one-time pickup at your address using One-time Pickup. FedEx’s website features a convenient interface for managing scheduled pickups.

They also generate email notifications to keep customers or receivers informed of the delivery progress. A free FedEx account is required to schedule a one-time pickup.

Recurring FedEx Pickup

Do you send out dispatches on a regular basis? If that’s the case, you can save time and effort by scheduling regular pickups, including free express service, to meet your periodic shipping needs.

It’s more efficient than making multiple trips to drop off packages or calling for individual pickups.

FedEx also provides a more flexible option for customers that ship frequently but not every day, allowing them to schedule pickups only on the days they have packages ready for pickup and avoid paying the pickup fee on weeks when they don’t.

Similar to one-time pickups, a free FedEx account is required to schedule recurring pickups as well. When you have Recurring Pickups configured, express package pickups are free. Along with that, to set up FedEx Recurring Pickups, you will need to get in touch with your FedEx account manager or contact customer service.

Step-by-Step Guide on Scheduling a FedEx Express Pickup

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to schedule a FedEx Express pickup from the FedEx website:

Step 1. Enter your FedEx account information. In the upper right corner of the website is a “Sign Up” button that you may use to create an account.

Step-by-Step Guide on Scheduling a FedEx Express Pickup

Step 2. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Shipping” tab in the top menu bar.

Shipping tab

Step 3. The “Schedule and Manage Pickups” option is available to select from the menu.

Schedule and Manage Pickups | FedEx Express

Step 4. Next, the Pickup page will appear on your screen. Fill out the required fields, such as the account number that you have received after creating a FedEx account, and the pickup address,  and in the Package Information section, select Schedule a FedEx Express Pickup.

Schedule a FedEx Express Pickup

Step 5. Finally, in the complete pickup section, click Schedule Pickup.

Note – When you schedule a FedEx Express Pickup, a Courier Pickup Fee will be applied.

After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your pickup request, including the pickup date and time. You can also track the status of your pickup request on the FedEx website.

The Most Efficient Method to Schedule FedEx Express Pickups and Create Shipments

ReachShip provides a solution for you when you need to ship frequently but don’t want to bother setting up regular pickups with FedEx. ReachShip is a multi-carrier shipping tool that integrates with FedEx, UPS, USPS, Australia Post, and DHL to provide you with a unified and optimized multi-carrier shipping solution.

Using this tool, you can compare rates from multiple shipping carriers and not solely depend on FedEx for all your shipping needs. However, if you are creating and scheduling pickups for FedEx Express using ReachShip, it enables you to create shipments, print shipping labels, schedule pickups, and track shipments without having to switch between multiple web pages.

It is also possible to integrate the ReachShip API with WordPress and WooCommerce to be able to streamline the shipping process further.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to schedule a FedEx Express pickup using ReachShip:

Step 1. Begin creating the shipment by entering your pickup and drop-off addresses in the ReachShip Shipping Calculator. Here, in the Select Shipping Services section, select FedEx as your shipping carrier.

The Most Efficient Method to Schedule FedEx Express Pickups and Create Shipments | FedEx Express

Step 2. Next, on the package details page, enter the package size and weight. Here, you can also add additional packages if needed.

enter the package size and weight

Step 3. Select the FedEx Express Saver service from the list of available services on the Shipping Rates page.

available services on the Shipping Rates page

Step 4. Click Print Label.

Step 5. Next, on the Initiate Shipment page, enter the complete shipper and receiver address details, review the package details, select the package type, select the shipping date, and click Next.

Initiate Shipment

Step 6. On the insurance page, add insurance if needed.

add insurance | FedEx Express

Step 6. On the Shipment Details page, review the package and dimension details, view or download the shipping label for the shipment, and track the shipment. Finally, click Schedule Pickup to move on to the pickup scheduling page.

Shipment Details | FedEx Express

Step 7. On the Schedule Pickup page, select the pickup date, ready time (when the pickup window opens for the package), close time (when the pickup window closes for the package), and click Schedule.

Schedule Pickup | FedEx Express | ReachShip

This is how you can schedule your FedEx Express pickups in a streamlined way.

Wrapping Up

Scheduling a FedEx Express pickup is a convenient and easy process that can save time and effort. By following the simple steps outlined in the article, customers can schedule a pickup online without wasting any time dropping off packages at FedEx offices.

By taking advantage of FedEx’s pickup service, both individuals and businesses can ensure that their shipments are picked up and delivered on time, without having to leave their homes or offices.

We hope this article has helped you understand what the FedEx Express service has to offer and the steps to schedule pickups for the same. If you have any questions regarding FedEx Express, please let us know in the comments section below.

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