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How to Subscribe to ReachShip for Printing Labels and Tracking the Shipments?


This article explains how to subscribe to ReachShip for printing labels and tracking shipments. 


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Steps required for subscribing to ReachShip for printing labels and tracking shipments


Step 1 – Sign up to ReachShip

The first step is to sign up to ReachShip


ReachShip | Sign-up-to-ReachShip


Enter a username, contact number, email address, and password for signing up to ReachShip.


ReachShip | Enter details to sign up


After entering the details and signing up successfully, an email will be sent to your email ID for activating your account.


ReachShip | activating instruction notification


The email will contain an OTP for verifying your account.


ReachShip | Activation email received after registration


After entering the OTP and activating your account, enter your email address and password to sign in to the account. 


ReachShip | sign in page


Step 2 – Set up your profile

After signing in, you will be added as a subscriber on ReachShip. Enter a username, phone number, and email address in the respective fields. 


ReachShip | Registered-user-dashboard


After entering the details, click SAVE.


Step 3 – Choose a subscription plan

To opt for a subscription plan, go to the Subscriptions tab. Click Create Subscription.


ReachShip | Subscription-tab


Note: You can print labels and get tracking links only if you are a registered subscriber.

You can choose a subscription plan, and enter your card details and address to subscribe to a plan. There are 3 plans available such as Reachship Plan Basic, Reachship Plan Pro,  and Reachship Plan Enterprise.


ReachShip | Choosing a subscription plan


After choosing a subscription plan and entering your details, click Create Subscription.

After the successful subscription, you can view your plan on the Subscriptions tab. 


ReachShip | Subscription-plan


You can cancel your subscription as and when required. Also, you can upgrade or degrade the plan according to your need.

Note: If you upgrade the plan, it will be activated immediately. If you degrade the plan, the new plan will be activated after the expiration of the current subscription plan.


Check the details of subscription plans you have enrolled 

The Orders tab will list the complete list of subscription plans you have enrolled with the plan name, invoice ID, registered email address, and price.


ReachShip | orders-tab


You can click the VIEW DETAILS button of a specific order to view its complete details. 


ReachShip | view-order-details


There are 5 options on the top right corner of the list.


ReachShip | Options-available-on-Orders-tab


They are as follows:

  • Search: To search a particular subscription plan from the list.
  • Download CSV: To download the list in a CSV file.
  • Print: To print the list.
  • View Columns: To view the columns available on the table. You can disable or enable the columns as required.


ReachShip | Viewing-columns


  • Filter table: You can filter the plans based on plan name, invoice ID, email address, and price.


ReachShip | filtering orders


Step 4 – Configure the credentials of shipping carriers

You can go to the Settings tab for configuring the shipping carriers on your account for making their services available for you.


ReachShip | Settings-tab-of-ReachShip


You can enable the custom settings option and choose the shipping carriers required.


ReachShip | shipping-settings


Choose the services and add your API credentials for the specific carriers.


ReachShip | shipping-services


For each shipping carrier, you can choose the required services that must be available for you. You can choose the services from the drop-down pick-up list. 


ReachShip | Choosing-required-services


After entering the details, click Save Settings.

This is how you can subscribe to ReachShip for printing labels and tracking shipments with different shipping carriers.

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