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How to calculate shipping rates using ReachShip?


This article explains how to calculate shipping rates using ReachShip.



ReachShip is an advanced tool to calculate shipping rates, print shipping labels, and get tracking links. You can use the tool online, install it on your desktop, or use its app on your mobile devices.


Currently, it supports the following shipping carriers:


  1. DHL 
  2. FedEx
  3. USPS
  4. UPS


Getting started with ReachShip

For calculating shipping rates, go to the ReachShip shipping calculating page. There are basically 3 steps to calculate shipping costs. They are as follows:


  1. Enter Shipping Location Details
  2. Enter Package Details and Pickup Date
  3. Get Shipping Rates


Step 1 – Enter Shipping Location Details

Enter the address from where you need to send the items and the destination address. You can also locate the addresses on the Google map. 


ReachShip | Enter-shipping-location-details

You can choose the required shipping carriers to make their services available. 


ReachShip | Choosing-shipping-carriers

After entering these details, click Next.


Step 2 – Enter Package Details and Pickup Date

Here,  you can enter the package details such as their dimensions and weight with units.


ReachShip | Adding-package-dimensions-and-weight

There is an option to add multiple packages by clicking the Add New Package button.

You can choose a pickup date and time for the packages.

Note: The option to choose the pickup date and time is only available for DHL services.


ReachShip | pickup-a-date-and-time

After entering the details, click SUBMIT.


Step 3 – Get Shipping Rates

All available shipping services and their rates will be listed on this tab based on the details you have entered.


ReachShip | List-of-all-available-services-


  1. Expand All: You can enable the Expand All option to view the services in detail.  
  2. Sort by: Sort the services based on their price by choosing ‘Low to High’ or ‘High to Low’.
  3. Show prices in: If you need to list the service rates in a specific currency, choose it from the drop-down pick-up list.

Check an example of calculating the shipping rates below:


ReachShip | Calculating shipping rates using ReachShip

This is how you can calculate the shipping rates using ReachShip. 

If you wish to proceed further and choose a shipping service, print label, and get the tracking link, refer to the article – How to Subscribe to ReachShip for Printing Labels and Tracking the Shipments?


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