5 Best Options to Ship from the US to Canada

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in demand for low-cost, effective, and reliable shipping from the US to Canada. In terms of trade, Canada is second to China as the US’s biggest export market. For eCommerce businesses, Canada offers a promising and cost-effective market to tap into. Given that the two nations share a border, cross-border exports can be completed easily without any problems.


Your business will suffer if your products don’t arrive at their destination undamaged, on schedule, and at a reasonable cost, without any surprise customs fees. Cross-border shipping can be perplexing initially. We created this guide for you in order to help you with that. Considering your requirements, it is advisable to analyze and compare the available options while looking for the best way to ship from the United States to Canada. In this article, we’ll go over the numerous alternatives for shipping from the US to Canada so you can offer the best shipping service to your buyers. Let’s get started!


Basics of Shipping from the US to Canada

The presence of a land border means less expensive and speedier shipping. You should be ready to pay all the regular charges associated with international shipping, especially for Canadian destinations that are near your US delivery location. Duty amounts, destination, and shipping service are the three key variables that affect the cost of shipping to Canada.


The cost of your company’s international shipping to Canada is additionally determined by factors including weight, volume, and the desired delivery time. It could take one to sixteen days to ship anything from the US to Canada. Whether you choose land shipping or air shipping, it will affect how long the shipment takes. It is also vital to determine whether you require express delivery or if you are comfortable with standard shipping.


Customs clearance and documentation for Canada

Canada is no different than any other nation in that all packages must be approved by customs. There are a lot of rules in place to ensure public safety, particularly when it comes to imported items.


Here are some things to take into consideration while sending products from the US to Canada:


1. You must declare the contents of the shipment, which includes the products.


2. You must submit the auto-generated customs invoice. A mistake will only result in delays and higher fees, so be sure to fill out every part completely and in as much detail as you can.


3. You’ll be charged tax and duty on anything more expensive than $20 CAD. Any import with a value greater than the specified amount is subject to the goods and services tax, which has a 5 percent cap.


4. If you are sending to Canada with FedEx or UPS, commercial invoices for international shipments are necessary. You can, however, submit these electronically using EDI or ETD.


5. Presents sent from outside Canada that are worth less than 60 CAD must only be marked as gifts.


6. The following taxes and customs may apply to your Canadian shipping.

  • Tax on Goods and Services (GST)

  • In Canada, the GST plus a few different provincial taxes are combined to form the harmonized tax (HT).

  • In provinces where HT does not apply, there is a provincial sales tax.

  • Quebec sales taxes.


Prohibited or Restricted Items

Shipping to Canadian post offices or residential addresses is subject to additional restrictions in addition to the usual list of things that are prohibited and restricted for all overseas deliveries.

  • All forms of tobacco products are forbidden.

  • Bees, leeches, and other live creatures are prohibited even though Canada Post permits day-old chicks and hatching eggs with special permits.

  • Products created in Iran are currently subject to an embargo, thus they cannot be shipped to Canada.

  • There are several plants that are forbidden. 

  • Money.

  • Packages that have a bad odor or are damp.

  • While strollers are permitted, Canada forbids the import or sale of baby walkers due to a potential risk to the infants.

  • Gambling-related products of any kind.

  • The Canadian health agency prohibits the importation of used mattresses into the nation.


Best Options to Ship from the U.S. to Canada

Cross-border and international shipping is offered by a number of different shipping companies in Canada. USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are all excellent options for sending to Canada. In order to help you choose the best shipping method for your specific requirements, we have broken down the costs and delivery times for these carriers when shipping a parcel to Canada.



For Canadian deliveries that need to be delivered quickly, UPS is a wonderful option. They provide overnight delivery from the US to Canada. You can even get products delivered the following working day. Unlike USPS, there is no need to transfer Canadian packages to Canada Post because UPS tracking allows for direct tracking and pick-up for delivery, saving you a lot of time. This is why deliveries happen more quickly than with USPS.


UPS Worldwide Expedited costs approximately $66.84 and is delivered within 6-10 days.



If you’re delivering from the US to Canada, USPS is a solid choice. Because of its flat rate shipping policy, it is well-liked by shippers. There are numerous drop-off places for the packages in the US, making them easily accessible to anyone. For urgent items that must be delivered in three to five working days, they provide priority mail express and global express guaranteed. Even while it is a reasonable alternative financially, there is a disadvantage if you need quick shipping. Once they reach Canada, packages are immediately handed over to Canada Post. In addition to filing for a new tracking number provided by Canada Post, this may require a few more delivery days for customs clearance.


USPS Priority Mail International – Small Flat Rate Box costs approximately $30 and is delivered within 6-10 days



Because of its superior tracking system and quick shipping service, FedEx is well-known among eCommerce businesses. They have an extensive global logistics network, which helps them provide quick services. FedEx also offers express and overnight delivery of Canadian shipments. FedEx also offers various International services to Canada for shipments that aren’t as urgent. Although, when shipping packages that weigh more than ten pounds, FedEx can be quite expensive, just like UPS.


FedEx International Economy costs approximately $64.56 and is delivered within 6-10 days.



Due to their affordable international shipping rates, DHL is regarded as one of the best carriers for international deliveries. Because the US and Canada have a land border, most US-based businesses are unlikely to utilize DHL frequently because they are more expensive than other shipping carriers. DHL is a fantastic choice if you’re sending packages internationally. 


DHL Worldwide Air costs approximately $93 and is delivered within 3 days


How to Ship from the US to Canada with ReachShip

It is critical for eCommerce businesses to develop a shipping strategy that will enable them to clearly communicate their shipping options to their customers. International shipping is now simpler and more streamlined than ever thanks to ReachShip. Obtaining real-time rates from all four major carriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL, is possible once you register with ReachShip. From one centralized location, you can compare the prices and the dates of delivery for each of them. ReachShip allows you to automate every step of the shipping process, including postage purchases, shipping label printing, package creation, pickup scheduling, and shipment tracking.


To Wrap Up

Canada is an accessible and thriving international market to enter. The Canadian market is a valuable choice for US companies because of its geographical proximity. With ReachShip, you can avoid getting bogged down in the details of how to compute shipping costs because it will do so automatically while accounting for all the key factors. USPS is the best and cheapest alternative for you if you are open with your delivery time and have no urgent requirements; but, if you need to deliver quickly, UPS and FedEx is the best choice for you, although they cost comparatively higher. Although it is rather pricey, DHL is also a fantastic option. If you have any questions regarding shipping from the US to Canada, please let us know in the comments section below.


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