Comparison of Top Shipping Carriers in the USA for Small and Medium eCommerce Sellers

Small business owners are absolute masters at juggling multiple tasks. They are constantly trying to manage manufacturing, marketing, and advertising, financial affairs, and other aspects of the business in addition to acquiring new customers. Shipping is a particular area in which many small business owners are often worried. We’ve got you covered if your eCommerce company isn’t quite big enough for a big commercial shipping solution, but you still need to ship your products effectively all over the world. No matter what role shipping tends to play in your business, choosing the best shipping carriers for small businesses is critical because shipping costs, as well as services both, have a direct impact on your profits and ability to retain customers and keep them coming back to buy more from your store. So here is a comparison of the best shipping carriers that are ideal for small businesses that are not willing to spend a ton of money for shipping. This comparison will not only help lower your shipping costs but will also assist you in streamlining the shipping strategy of your small business.


Read on to know how you can take your small business to greater heights by implementing the most cost-effective shipping carriers.

Top Shipping Carriers for Small and Medium eCommerce Sellers



If you’re searching for ways to save money on shipping for your small business, USPS is the way to go. Small businesses can get discounted rates and loyalty credits from the USPS, which ships products both domestically and globally and delivers them in approximately 2-10 days on average. Companies that use the USPS’s online Click-N-Ship service, for example, can earn shipping credits based on their spending.


With commercial rates for United States Postal Service (USPS) First-Class Mail beginning at just $0.38, it’s clear that USPS is the best option for small and growing businesses on a tight budget. This is particularly the case if your company primarily ships smaller, lower-cost items. However, the USPS tracking system isn’t always dependable and accurate. It is difficult to predict when your package will be delivered. Sometimes, the tracking feature is only fully functional after the product has been delivered. 



  • One of the oldest shipping carriers with a long operations and credibility history

  • There are volume discounts and loyalty credits available.

  • Shipping tools can be integrated into small business websites for free using APIs.

  • Priority Mail flat rate boxes and envelopes are provided at no cost.

  • Shipping costs are reasonable.


  • International shipping is comparatively expensive.

  • Inadequate shipment tracking system.

  • Sunday and holiday shipments are charged an additional fee.



UPS offers discounts to small and medium businesses, with shipping incentive programs ranging up to 50%, depending on the selected shipping speed and the average weekly shipping quantity of the small business. This is why a large percentage of small and medium business owners prefer to ship with UPS. UPS has some of the highest shipping costs out of all the carriers. However, if you usually ship packages that are relatively large and more valuable, UPS could be the most cost-effective choice for your business. When it comes to shipping heavy items, UPS is the most cost-effective option for small businesses. 


UPS provides a variety of delivery options, allowing you to select a delivery time that is convenient for you. Depending on the customer’s budget, the company can ship via ground, air, or sea. UPS ships to a variety of locations and has a wide range of delivery speeds. Next-day air delivery, two-day air delivery, three-day air delivery, and ground delivery are all available. With the UPS express option, you can also get same-day delivery.



  • The most cost-effective method of shipping heavier items.

  • A large flat rate box can be purchased for as little as $18.40 at retail.

  • Communication via email is excellent.

  • Some cases allow for same-day delivery.

  • Provides a wide range of tools designed specifically for small businesses.

  • Customers are treated with courtesy.



  • Comparatively high shipping costs

  • On customer-facing websites, not all UPS APIs are suitable.

  • Delivery delays are a possibility.



Top Shipping Carriers in the USA for Small Businesses | DHL

DHL shipping service may be the ideal solution for you if you are a small business owner who ships products internationally regularly. The cost of shipping will vary depending on the package’s dimensions and weight. You and your customers will be able to follow your shipments in real-time with shipment tracking options. DHL also sends continuous tracking alerts notifying customers of an expected time of delivery to decrease failed delivery efforts and enhance the customer experience.


Because of its experience in the small business sector and the fact that it has a wide array of services tailored specifically to help small businesses engage in international shipping, DHL is the best small business shipping company specifically for international shipping. The shipment speed of DHL is determined by the shipping specifications as well as your budget. If you require urgent shipments, DHL Express offers many options for delivering your package before the end of the next working day.



  • Experience with international shipping

  • Helpful tools to assist international shipping for small businesses.

  • Excellent turnaround time for overseas shipping.

  • The ability to track shipments using a GPS tracker is available.



  • Delivery costs are relatively high.

  • There are a lot of extra fees and levies.



Top Shipping Carriers in the USA for Small Businesses | FedEx

If you are looking for quick shipments FedEx is the best option because it performs standard home deliveries every day of the week, including weekends. FedEx has an excellent small business resource center in addition to speedy shipment. FedEx provides shipping discounts as well as label printing discounts, budgeting tools, and other incentives such as small business grants.


FedEx is well-known for its overnight delivery service, which allows items to be delivered the next day after they are placed. FedEx was also the first to offer shipment tracking and real-time shipping details. Ground, air, and ocean cargo, express, and freight delivery are all available through FedEx. Tools that can help small businesses set up and grow existing online operations, optimize the fulfillment and shipping process, and provide customer support are among some of the value-added services provided by FedEx.



  • Home deliveries across the US happen 7 days a week

  • There are special offers and discounts available for small businesses.

  • Every year, grants for small businesses are awarded.

  • It’s a breeze to create shipping labels.


  • Smaller packages cost a little extra.


Implementing a Multi-Carrier Shipping Strategy

With four major shipping carriers to pick from, how do you know which is best for your small business? Often, put on the spot, business owners opt for a single carrier strategy and negotiate acceptable pricing. This simplifies decision-making because there’s no need to look up costs or request an estimate. Despite the time-saving advantage of using a single carrier, multi-carrier shipping solutions may be a better option for small businesses looking to save money. This way, you can easily compare costs from all the major shipping carriers and go ahead with the most suitable option.


The Benefits of Using Multiple Shipping Carriers

The upper hand

They’ll also keep you up to date on new pricing, routes, service types, and service levels, ensuring that you’re always getting the greatest bargains.


Risk Reduction

Placing all of your shipments with one carrier is a big risk as you don’t have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. You may notice that your carrier is getting progressively negligent, losing an increasing number of items during the shipment. Having the choice to pick another carrier is always a smart option.


Selecting the Most Appropriate Carrier for each shipment

Using a multi-carrier shipping strategy, you would select the shipping carrier most suited for each specific shipment, such as domestic vs. international shipping, larger goods, and so on. This can be time-consuming, but you will end up saving a lot of money.

Best Multi-carrier shipping options


Top Shipping Carriers in the USA for Small Businesses | EasyPost

EasyPost is a cost-effective multi-carrier shipping option since you can compare shipping rates and shipping timeframes across dozens of carriers using the EasyPost API. Instead of directly delivering products, EasyPost provides APIs to assist small businesses in simplifying, automating, and managing their shipping operations. EasyPost integrates with over a hundred shipping carriers, making it much easier for small and medium businesses to choose the most cost-effective delivery option. Furthermore, businesses that send 120,000 or fewer products each year are exempt from paying any fees.


  • API for up to 120,000 shipments per year is provided free of charge.

  • The ability to compare costs from more than 100 shipping carriers

  • It helps in streamlining and automating the shipping process.


  • It does not ship the packages directly.


Top Shipping Carriers in the USA for Small Businesses | ReachShip

ReachShip is the most comprehensive shipping cost calculator for small and medium-sized businesses. It lets you choose from a variety of domestic & global shipping options offered by numerous shipping carriers if you need to ship reliably anywhere around the world. It enables you to examine and compare all possible shipping charges for DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx. There are no fees associated with obtaining shipping prices or printing shipping labels. Direct shipping carrier-specific charges are the only ones that apply. Furthermore, it provides packaging alternatives and allows you to generate shipping labels. And it will keep you informed with the most up-to-date tracking details at all times.


  • Make an informed selection by comparing shipping rates from leading carriers.

  • Create and print shipping labels, then schedule a pickup with the shipping carrier. 

  • Create and print shipping labels, then schedule a pickup with the shipping carrier.

  • All of your shipments can be tracked from a single place.

  • Only the shipping carrier’s fees apply.


  • It does not ship the packages directly.


To Wrap Up

This concludes our comparison of the best shipping carriers in the United States for small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses. All of our small business shipping carrier picks are respectable organizations that can assist you in getting your products sent economically, quickly, and safely. Remember there is no such thing as an ideal shipping carrier. It doesn’t matter which one you choose; time delays, misplacements, or product damages can all happen. A multi-carrier shipping approach, in our opinion, works best because you have several options to pick from. If you’ve already decided on the ideal shipping carrier for your small business, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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