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Does USPS Deliver on Weekends?

Yes, USPS delivers packages on Saturday and Sunday! 

Actually,  it is more convenient to receive packages on weekends as everyone will be at home and available to receive at any time. But many people are unaware of the weekend delivery options available with USPS.

In this write-up, let us discuss USPS delivery services and their details.

Does USPS provide all services on weekends?

As USPS (United States Postal Service) always works their best to make their customers’ domestic and international shipping easy, they work 365 days a year to ensure the products reach the destination on time. But, USPS provides limited services on weekends. 

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

Saturday is considered a normal business day by USPS. Hence, USPS delivers your packages if you choose Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express service to ship your packages. Also, they often deliver with USPS Retail Ground, First Class Package and First Class Mail. But Priority Mail is the one and only service where you can choose a delivery date that falls on a Saturday.

USPS Delivery on Weekends | Priority mail and priority mail express

The Priority Mail service delivers your products in 1 – 2 business days, which has pricing that starts at $6.65. This is the basic cost, as it will vary as per the weight and dimension of your packages. Both Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express packages are picked up by USPS free of cost, and provide up to $50 as insurance. Other services like USPS Retail Ground starts at $7.70, First-Class Package and First Class Mail start at $4 respectively.

Since Saturday is a normal business day for USPS, they do not charge any additional amount for delivering on Saturdays.

USPS Delivery Hours on Saturday

On Saturdays, you can expect the delivery at any time. But, the mailmen will try their best to deliver between 9 am – 5 pm. Mostly, on Saturdays, they deliver by 2 pm. But, if it is peak time or many packages are in the queue, it may take up to 6 pm. Also, this depends upon other factors like distance to the destination from the USPS warehouse, traffic on the road, weather conditions, and so on. 

Priority Mail Express is one of the guaranteed services by USPS, which must be delivered by 10.30 am. But, if it is a hectic day for the delivery men, it will be delivered within 6.30 pm.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

Yes, but USPS delivers on Sundays with very limited services. It delivers Priority Mail Express packages since it is an overnight delivery option. Hence, you have to go for this overnight option to deliver your products on Sunday. Also, they deliver Amazon packages on Sundays. Since USPS has tied up with Amazon, during holiday seasons, Amazon incorporates USPS delivery service. But, if you need to get your Amazon products delivered with USPS on Sunday, you need to pay an extra charge to Amazon. But, this fee is not applicable for Amazon Prime members. Therefore, Prime members can use the Priority Mail Express service without any additional costs.

USPS Deliver on Weekends | Priority mail express

Since Priority Mail Express is a guaranteed delivery service, you will get your postage refunded if the packages do not arrive on time.

The basic rate of Priority Mail Express is $26.75. This price will vary as per the weight and dimensions of your packages. In addition to that, you have to pay $12.50 for delivering products on Sunday as an extra cost. In this service, the shipping will be insured up to $100. 

You can track the packages as and when required. Furthermore, it provides a free package pickup option and signature confirmation.

USPS Delivery Hours on Sunday

Usually, packages with Priority Mail Express are delivered by 10.30 am the next morning. If it is the holiday season, or the mailmen have to deliver so many packages, it may take some more time. Also, if the destination zip code is very far from the source, it may take one more day for delivery.

Things You Must Know About USPS Weekend Delivery

USPS package pick-up: Customers can pick up USPS packages from the USPS office if there is a valid reason for the early pick-up of packages. Also, they need the tracking details to get the packages from the USPS office without waiting for delivery.

Additional fees for weekend delivery: USPS does not charge any additional cost for Saturday deliveries. For Sunday deliveries, there is an additional cost of $12.50.

Shipping insurance: All weekend delivery services come with insurance coverage of $50 – $100 by default.

Tracking of shipment: You can track all your deliveries on weekends seamlessly.

USPS cut-off time: All USPS offices accept your packages till they close. Usually, USPS offices close at 5 pm or 6 pm. For the overnight deliveries, they definitely consider the packages even if you reach the office at the last minute.

How to get USPS weekend delivery services?

In order to deliver your products with USPS on weekends, you need to create an account with USPS and initiate the shipping of packages to the destination. The steps for getting USPS shipping services are:

Step 1: Create an account with USPS.

Step 2: Enter the shipping details including addresses and packages to know available services and the cost. Here, for weekend deliveries, you can either choose Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

Step 3: Choose the service based on its expected delivery date to deliver your package on the desired day.

Step 4: Proceed with the payment.

Step 5: Generate labels and attach them to your packages.

These are the 5 steps you need to follow for delivering your packages on weekends with USPS.

Need to calculate the USPS shipping rates and delivery days?

It would be better if you check the total shipping cost based on the source and destination address, countries, and the weight and dimensions of your package even before initiating the shipment. This will help you to understand the total cost you need to pay. If it is not feasible for you, you can check with other USPS services.

In order to calculate USPS shipping rates accurately, you can use the ReachShip shipping calculator. This advanced tool calculates the shipping rates and estimated delivery days based on the source and destination you have entered, and the weight and dimensions of your packages. From the list, you will get a quick idea on which option is better for you.

You can even sort the list ‘low to high’ or ‘high to low’ and get the converted shipping rate in any currency. 

Check an example of all shipping services of USPS listed by ReachShip for packages shipping from San Francisco to Oakland:

USPS Delivery on Weekends | USPS shipping rates

As you can see, the Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express are available to ship in 1 and 1-2 business days. If the day of shipping is Friday, the packages will definitely be delivered by Saturday or Sunday! 

You can also see the shipping cost as per the distance between source and destination addresses, and the weight and dimensions of created packages.

To sum up,

Many people are still unaware of the weekend delivery option of USPS. Since USPS is a customer-friendly shipping carrier, they do provide services on Saturday and Sunday with limited service options. You can choose the available services such as Priority Mail or Priority Express Mail to deliver your packages on weekends seamlessly.

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