Australia Post - MyPost Business

Australia Post MyPost Business is a service offered by Australia Post, which is the country's largest postal service provider. MyPost Business is designed to help businesses manage their deliveries and track their parcels, making it easier to streamline their logistics processes.

Integrate with Australia Post MyPost Business using ReachShip APIs

ReachShip API offers a remarkable array of cutting-edge features designed to empower you in achieving your business goals.

Some of the standout capabilities that you can expect to benefit from include:

1. Get Real-time Rate - The ReachShip API enables customers to both obtain real-time rates for their MyPost packages and select the most cost-effective service for delivering their parcels.

2. Create Shipments - Streamline your shipping process and get your packages on their way in no time with ReachShip API. Our platform provides the easiest and fastest approach to creating shipments for your packages, allowing you to spend less time on logistics and more time growing your business.

3. Generate Labels - Effortlessly generate and print labels for your shipments as soon as they are created with ReachShip API. Our platform provides a seamless process for generating and printing labels, so you can get your packages on their way with minimal delay.

4. Schedule Pickups - Take advantage of the powerful ReachShip schedule pickup API to schedule pickups for your shipments with ease. Our platform allows you to select the most convenient date, time, and location for your pickups, so you can rest assured that your packages will be collected on time and delivered promptly to their destination.

5. Generate Return Labels - With the ReachShip API, you have the flexibility to generate return labels for all of your shipments anytime and from anywhere, allowing you to streamline the return process and provide your customers with a hassle-free experience. With just a few clicks, you can create and print return labels to include with your packages, making it easier for your customers to return items and simplifying your logistics.

6. Track shipments - Track your Australia Post shipments with ease and confidence using ReachShip tracking API. Our platform provides the best and most straightforward way to stay updated on the progress of your shipments while they are in transit.

Stay informed about the status of your Australia Post shipments with the exclusive email tracking feature offered by ReachShip. With this capability, you can receive real-time updates on the progress of your packages straight to your inbox, so you always know exactly where your shipments are and when they are expected to arrive.

Packages, Services & Rates

MyPost Business offers several predefined boxes for customers to use when sending their packages. These boxes are designed to fit specific sizes and weights of items, and they can be a convenient option for sending items that fit within the size and weight limits.

Predefined Packages Max. Dimension Max. Weight
Small Box 220mm x 160mm x 77mm Ideal for sending small items such as jewelry, accessories, and electronics.
Medium Box 310mm x 225mm x 102mm Ideal for sending medium-sized items such as books, clothing, and homewares.
Large Box 405mm x 310mm x 115mm Ideal for sending larger items such as kitchen appliances, sporting equipment, and toys.
Extra Large Box 510mm x 435mm x 130mm Ideal for sending extra-large items such as musical instruments, artworks, and furniture.

Disclaimer: ReachShip does not impose any fees for shipping or packaging till date.
However, please be aware that any fees or charges related to shipping services, as described below, are determined and implemented by Australia Post API.

The cost of shipping parcels through MyPost Business will depend on a range of factors including the size, weight, and destination of the parcel.

Australia Post MyPost Business offers a range of flat rate postage options for businesses and individuals who want to send parcels within Australia. Flat rate postage means that the cost of sending a parcel is fixed, regardless of its weight or destination. This can be a convenient and cost-effective option for businesses that frequently send parcels of a similar size and weight.

Here are some of the flat rate postage options available through MyPost Business:

1. Express Post: Australia Post MyPost Business offers a range of Express Post satchels and boxes that are available for a flat rate. The cost of Express Post depends on the size of the satchel or box, with prices starting at around $13.50 for a small satchel and increasing for larger sizes.

2. Parcel Post: Parcel Post satchels and boxes are also available for a flat rate. The cost of Parcel Post depends on the size of the satchel or box, with prices starting at around $9.20 for a small satchel and increasing for larger sizes.

Flat Rate Packages Post Type Pricing
Small Regular (Parcel Post) $9.70 + Packaging
Small Express Post $12.70 + Packaging
Medium Regular (Parcel Post) $13.25 + Packaging
Medium Express Post $16.75 + Packaging
Large Regular (Parcel Post) $16.65 + Packaging
Large Express Post $20.65 + Packaging
Extra Large Regular (Parcel Post) $20.05 + Packaging
Extra Large Express Post $27.05 + Packaging

Australia Post - MyPost Business Labels

ReachShip supports both domestic and international Australia Post - MyPost Business labels in the following format: PNG, PDF, ZPL, EPL2. Below are two test PNG Labels, one is an Return label Via Parcel Post (left) and the other is a domestic label Via Express Post (right):

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