Best Shipping Rate Calculator For eCommerce Couriers 2023

A shipping rate calculator is a valuable tool for estimating shipping prices and assisting you in selecting the most cost-effective carrier to send your customers’ products. It also gives you access to the estimated delivery dates, as well as rate quotations and service types. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of using ReachShip – The Best Shipping Rate Calculator For eCommerce Couriers.


In today’s extremely competitive retail market, giving your consumers the best shipping prices is crucial. You don’t want to lead clients through the entire purchasing process only to have them abandon their cart due to exorbitant shipping costs.


Shipping costs have a significant impact on consumer behavior. According to a recent survey of 2,500 U.S. consumers performed by Convey, 64.3 percent of respondents stated pricing is the most significant consideration in shipping.


It’s vital to figure out shipping prices that work for both you and your customers. If you want to achieve this, you’ll need to know how shipping affects product pricing and how shipping costs are calculated. We’ll go over each of these things and also provide you with the best shipping rate calculator for eCommerce couriers in this article so you can figure out the best shipping prices for your company. Let’s get started.


Meaning and Importance of Calculating Shipping Costs


The costs of delivering a product from a shelf in your store or warehouse to a customer’s doorstep are known as shipping costs. There are a variety of charges involved, including boxes, wrapping, tape, and stickers and all other extra costs for packaging, the expense of hiring someone or an entire team to pick up, pack, and ship items, courier’s fee for collecting and delivering a package, expenses associated with international import/export fees, insurance, and handling fees  As a retailer, your goal is to deliver an item from your shelf to your consumer in the shortest amount of time possible, at the lowest possible price possible.


When determining shipping costs as a business, you must consider both your budget and the needs of your customers. It’s unsustainable to charge too little for shipping because it will eventually eat into your profit margins. If you overcharge, you risk losing customers to your competitors.


It’s much easier to provide shipping quotes at the checkout when you know what your shipping expenses will be.  Often, this needs back-end effort, such as setting up shipping costs for each product and entering delivery zones. However, doing so will increase client loyalty and, as a result, increase sales. But what if all of the tedious backend work was done by an automated shipping rate calculator that would help you select the best shipping carrier for your company by comparing all the available rates from multiple leading shipping providers? We will get back to this in a moment.


Transparency about delivery charges is also beneficial in terms of establishing brand loyalty. Another strategy to reduce cart abandonment is to provide multiple shipping alternatives at various price points. It gives clients the impression that they are making decisions and receiving a personalized service.


Factors Influencing Shipping Rates


  • The distance between the sender and recipient addresses – The greater the distance that the packages must travel, the higher the shipping costs will be. When you need to ship overseas, you know it will cost a lot of money. Domestic services will have lower charges than international services. Typically, shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS use ‘shipping zones’ to determine shipping prices. You can determine the shipping charges of essential services based on the source and destination addresses.


  • The package’s weight and dimensions – The shipping fee will be higher if your package is heavier. When calculating the shipment, the shipping companies will take into account the height, weight, and length of the packing boxes. These measurements are used to determine how much space it will require in the shipment vehicle. They will charge the rate based on that. The price will rise in proportion to the amount of space it will take up in the vehicle. 


  • Delivery time – Customers can now choose when they want their purchases delivered. Each shipping carrier has a vast selection of services from which you may choose based on the number of days it will take to deliver your package. In comparison to late deliveries, the shipping cost for faster delivery alternatives will be significantly higher.


  • Multiple product shipping – There are certain scenarios where some products cannot be shipped in the same package. For example, it’s not a good idea to mix perishable and non-perishable goods in the same shipment. In such cases, you must ship them as separate shipments leading to higher shipping costs.


  • Shipment Insurance and tracking – The products may be destroyed or damaged during shipping. Replacing the merchandise will cost you a lot of money. As a result, getting your delivery insured is the best option. Many insurance companies offer coverage at a low cost. However, you can get shipping insurance from third-party providers for a reasonable price. Tracking options are offered by some carriers as a free service. However, for some businesses, it is deemed an extra added cost because the option provides security for you and your clients by allowing you and them to monitor the status of the shipment whenever they want.


  • Customs charges and duties – The unpredictability of customs taxes is the most difficult aspect of selling across international borders. When the packages arrive in the destination country, it’s difficult to predict how much they’ll charge. And it differs from one country to the next.


  • Handling fees – Due to the nature of the products, their weight, and volume, there will be additional charges to pay for safe handling. Adding handling fees is a great way for businesses to create profit margins.


Best Shipping Rate Calculator For eCommerce Couriers

Using a shipping calculator is the simplest and quickest way to figure out how much shipping will cost. DHL, UPS, Australia Post MyPost Business, USPS, and FedEx all provide dedicated shipping calculators.


The ReachShip Shipping Calculator tool, on the other hand, allows you to assess and compare all potential shipping prices for numerous carriers (DHL, UPS, Australia Post MyPost Business, USPS, and FedEx). ReachShip optimizes your shipments with a variety of features. From assuring the accuracy of entered addresses to package delivery at the customer’s doorstep, it keeps a watch on everything. 

It is the most straightforward yet powerful SaaS-based platform for creating and managing shipments! There are no subscription fees to get shipping costs or print shipping labels. There are only direct shipping carrier-specific charges that apply.


How does the ReachShip Shipping Rate Calculator work?

Compare Prices and Select the Best Option

Enter the parcel and shipment information, and then compare all available rates from multiple prominent shipping carriers to find the best shipping carrier for you.

Fill up your information and sign up

To proceed with the shipment, sign up / sign in with your ReachShip account and enter your shipping details.


Enter your shipping carrier’s credentials

To schedule the pickup and print the label, enter the credentials you received from your shipping carrier.


Create shipments, print shipping labels, and track shipments

In just four steps, you can print shipping labels, schedule pickups, and track all of your shipments, all from one place.

If you want to ship professionally anywhere in the globe, ReachShip allows you to choose from a variety of domestic and international shipping services offered by multiple shipping carriers. When using ReachShip, you can choose from a variety of shipping providers, such as DHL, USPS, Australia Post MyPost Business, FedEx, and UPS. 


To conclude

With the ReachShip shipping calculator, you can get the best local and international shipping rates as well as delivery dates, making the entire process of shipping a breeze. If you have any questions regarding the best Shipping Rate Calculators For eCommerce Couriers, let us know in the comments section below.

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