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How to Calculate the Cheapest Way to Ship Large Packages with a Shipping Calculator Tool?

Shipping cost is one of the main concerns of online merchants. There are many factors that depend on shipping costs. As we know, the volume and weight of the packages are mainly used to determine the shipping cost besides the distance between source and destination locations. The weight and dimensions of packages have a positive correlation with the shipping costs. Different shipping carriers follow different formulas to calculate the shipping rates. And, they charge different shipping costs for large packages compared to their standard service rates. So, in this article, we will be discussing how to calculate the cheapest shipping charge to ship your large packages with an advanced shipping calculator tool.

What is a large package?

Large packages are often defined as ‘oversized’ by logistics and shipping carrier companies. It could be simply ‘oversized’ in the eyes of a pickup person. Or, it may exceed the standard weight and volume restrictions laid out by the shipping carrier you have chosen. 

The shipping carriers charge separate charges for oversized products. As you know, weight and dimensions play a significant role in shipping costs, and oversized items will have higher rates compared to the other shipping service rates.

Now, let us check how to ship oversized items. 

Steps to ship large packages

It will be better if you follow the below steps to ship your large packages domestically and internationally.

  • Measure the dimensions of your items

To pack the items in a perfectly fitting box and calculate the shipping cost, you need to measure the length, width, and height of the items.

  • Pack your items

Large packages could often be electronics, furniture, or any fragile items. In such cases, you have to pack the items carefully in a best fitting box with cushioning materials inside to protect the items.

  • Check the weight of your packages

As you know, the weight of the product has a major role in determining the shipping cost. The heavier your packages are, the higher the shipping charge will be. Hence, in order to ship the large packages domestically and internationally, you have to weigh the items precisely to calculate the shipping cost of various shipping carriers.

  • Calculate and compare the shipping costs

Use the source and destination zip codes, addresses, weight, and dimensions of the package to find the accurate shipping rates of a shipping carrier or multiple shipping carriers together using a shipping calculator tool. 

  • Compare and book the most reasonable option

After calculating all available shipping service rates, compare them to find the most reasonable one for you. Then, proceed to book the pickup and pay the charges.

  • Print the shipping label

The shipping label contains the relevant information for the carriers to deliver your products to the right person in the exact location. Also, it will contain a barcode which is mandatory to be present on the shipping label. 

  • Paste the shipping label and seal the package

After generating the label, you have to paste it outside of the package. Also, do not forget to use quality tapes to seal the package. 

  • Pickup of the packages

Sometimes you may need to send the large packages to the shipping carrier office or their hub to get them shipped. But, popular shipping carriers provide pickup facilities. In such cases, you can make your packages ready to ship and wait for the pickup person!

Well, these are the steps to ship the oversized packages. Now, let us check what is an ‘oversized’ package for the popular shipping companies USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.


If the combined length and weight of the package are more than 108 inches and 130 inches, the package is considered oversized in USPS. If your package’s measurement values are greater than these values, you need to contact USPS to get a special rate for you. Or, you may need to go for the slower services like USPS Retail Ground.

Its Parcel Select can be used to ship packages that exceed 108 inches in length but less than 130 inches in width. 


All packages that weigh more than 150 pounds and have a combined length/width over 165 inches are considered large packages by UPS.

UPS categorizes large packages into 2 categories as Large Package and Over Maximum Limits.


Large Package: They charge normal rates for large packages. And packages with more than 96 inches on their longer side, and/or more than 130 inches when combining length + width + girth are considered as large packages. If the packages exceed 90 pounds, UPS will charge additional charges.

Over Maximum Limits: They use UPS Freight Services for packages that are over maximum limits. This means, the weight will be over 150 lbs, and dimensions will be 108 inches on one side, or exceeding 130 inches as combined length + width + girth. 


All packages that weigh more than 90 pounds are considered large items in FedEx. Also, if the length/width exceeds 130 inches and 96 inches, it will be a large package for FedEx. FedEx large packages are comparatively smaller than large packages of USPS and UPS.

You might need to use the International Ground Services and US Express Package option to ship the large packages internationally and domestically. For shipping the large packages with these services on holiday seasons, you have to pay additional charges than usual.


All packages that weigh over 70 kilograms or 155 pounds are large items for DHL. Also, if the dimensions exceed 120 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm or 47 in x 31 in x 31 in. As DHL mainly focuses on international shipping, they prefer you to contact them directly for getting better quotes for shipping large packages internationally.

These are the meanings of ‘large packages’ or ‘oversized’ packages for the popular shipping carriers.

As I have already mentioned, you can calculate the shipping cost of large packages using a shipping calculator tool. ReachShip is one of the best shipping calculator tools in the industry, which allows you to calculate the shipping rates of USPS, UPS, FedEx, MyPost Business, and DHL.

Calculate the cost to ship large packages using the ReachShip shipping calculator tool

In order to calculate the shipping rates with ReachShip, visit

To calculate the shipment, enter the source and destination addresses or navigate the location on the map. Also, select the shipping carriers to get their rates.

How to calculate the cheapest way to ship large packages with a shipping calculator tool | Enter the addresses and choose shipping carriers

In the next step, enter the weight and dimensions of the large package.

How to calculate the cheapest way to ship large packages with a shipping calculator tool | enter the dimensions

Here I have entered 50 x 35 x 35 inches as dimension and 80 kg as weight, which is comparatively an oversized package. 


After submitting your measurements, you will get a list of all available shipping services of the selected carriers. As we have entered the large package dimensions, there won’t be any services listed there as we have to directly contact the shipping carriers to get a quote.


If you have to know the rates of a small or medium-sized package (besides large packages) with this shipping calculator tool, you will get a list from which you can use the sorting tool to find the cheapest shipping option. Also, you can use the currency converter to get the rates in a specific currency.

How to calculate the cheapest way to ship large packages with a shipping calculator tool | Cheapest-shipping-rate

This is how you can calculate the shipping cost of large packages with a shipping calculator tool.



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